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Regional Market Reports

Why did prices go up in one city and not in another? Did local steel production increase? What are scrap prices going to do next month? The answers are in these reports.   


Alternative Irons

US pig iron market remains in holding pattern on static demand

By Staff - September 10, 2019

The US alternative iron market remained quiet in early September trading, with expectations that the next move will be lower due to a combination of a major downward correction in ferrous scrap prices as well as a healthy amount of mill outages scheduled over the next 60 days.

US pig iron prices stable amid static market conditions

By Staff - August 13, 2019

Aside from a recent sale of Commonwealth of Independent States-sourced material, the US pig iron market remained fairly lackluster in early August trading, with the next sale expected to be sideways or possibly higher amid signs of improved market conditions.

Pig Iron Prices Showing Promise On Upside

By Staff - July 16, 2019

Tightness in material, higher iron ore prices and a pending recovery in the US ferrous scrap arena is expected to benefit pig iron prices in the near-term.

Pig iron prices stable but facing headwinds

By Staff - June 11, 2019

Pig iron prices are showing modest signs of fatigue but could be facing further drops due to a severe correction in the price of prime grades of ferrous scrap. 

US pig iron market slips in early May trading on scrap collapse

By Sean Barry - May 14, 2019

Pig iron prices in the United States quickly deteriorated in early May trading in the wake of crumbing domestic scrap prices and pressure from a wave of Brazilian high-phosphorous material hitting the market.

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