Continuing Iron Age's Century-Long Tradition

Scrap Magnet

Torn from the pages of Iron Age, Scrap Magnet has been appearing within Fastmarkets SPB for more than 20 years.  Digging deep into more long-term market factors, Scrap Magnet covers issues like scrap exports, transportation issues, spreads between prime scrap grades and shredded scrap and sustained downward trends in scrap pricing.


Solid year for ferrous scrap will be tough act to follow in 2019

By Sean Barry - December 17, 2018

After enjoying a bumper 2018, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the North American ferrous scrap industry heading into the New Year as market players question whether prices in 2019 will manage to outgun the pace of growth experienced over the past year on robust domestic demand. 

Tariffs breathe life into the U.S. steel industry in 2018

By Bill Beck - November 19, 2018

It has been a very good year for the nation’s steel industry. President Donald Trump’s promise to protect the domestic steel industry with tariffs during the 2016 Presidential elections became a reality this year. Tariffs ranging from 10 percent to 25 percent on foreign steel gave a huge jump start to an industry that had been struggling in the latter years of the Obama presidency. The steel utilization rate has climbed steadily upward during the past year, topping out at just over 80 percent at the beginning of November.

Up and down year in ferrous scrap might end year higher

By Bill Beck - October 22, 2018

An up and down year in the nation’s ferrous scrap market has seen prices slip from their first quarter peak to a low at the end of the third quarter. But strong order books and decreasing flow of such bellwether grades as shredded and cut scrap have many in the industry expecting fourth quarter prices to rebound to levels higher than they were during the year’s early months.

U.S. steel industry blasts out of the blocks in the first half of 2018

By Bill Beck - August 20, 2018

As the summer of 2018 begins to wind down, the nation’s steel industry is enjoying one of its better years in decades. U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) is clipping along at just over 4 percent on an annual average basis, hot-rolled coil is selling for nearly $900 a ton, and the Trump Administration has slapped a 25 percent tariff on steel imported into the U.S.

Steel market reaches fork in the road for second half of the year

By Sean Barry - July 16, 2018

What a difference a year can make in the U.S. steel industry. Just 12 months ago the tone of American Metal Market’s Steel “Survival” Strategies conference was one of doom and gloom amid a depressed pricing environment and the lingering impact of high import levels on domestic production.

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