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Regional Market Reports

Why did prices go up in one city and not in another? Did local steel production increase? What are scrap prices going to do next month? The answers are in these reports.   



Prices hold firm in Ohio Valley and Pittsburgh in Feb, primes slip $20

By Sean Barry - February 13, 2019

General Market Report for Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Youngstown 
After coming under heavy downside pressure last month, ferrous scrap prices in Pittsburgh and the Ohio Valley largely held in their ranges in February amid an uptick in export trade and a blast of winter weather that impacted material flows, while prime grades fell $20 from last month.

Ferrous scrap prices hammered in January on oversupply

By Sean Barry - January 16, 2019

Ferrous scrap prices faced heavy downside pressure in January amid a deluge of material generated by slack export trade over the past couple of months and clement weather in many parts of the country that helped keep scrap moving.

Ferrous scrap prices consolidate recent gains in Pittsburgh

By Sean Barry - December 12, 2018

Ferrous scrap prices in Pittsburgh managed to hold at November levels across the board as expectations of further price rises in December were quickly dashed amid a pick up in material flows following the slowdown in export business activity.

Ferrous scrap jumps again in Pittsburgh on tighter supply

By Sean Barry - November 12, 2018

Ferrous scrap prices in Pittsburgh received another boost in November as dwindling stocks for certain grades and solid order books pushed obsolete grades up $20 and prime grades up $10.

Robust demand and supply squeeze lifts prices in Pittsburgh

By Sean Barry - October 10, 2018

Ferrous scrap prices in Pittsburgh recovered some of their losses from the previous two months as consumer demand remained strong and supplies languished in the wake of a slowdown in inbound flows.

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