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Regional scrap metal pricing for 18 major markets in North America.

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About Our Prices

Scrap Price Bulletin is the weekly source of ferrous scrap metal pricing relied upon for decades, when it was called its original name: The Iron Age. The editorial staff has been entrenched in the markets for more than 40 years. Covering 18 major markets in the US and Canada, Scrap Price Bulletin provides a credible benchmark for use in negotiating contracts, price modeling, analyzing market conditions and developing strategies for any business reliant on the ferrous scrap markets.

Scrap Price Bulletin produces regional pricing for:

Boston Birmingham Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Detroit Hamilton, (ON) Houston Los Angeles New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh San Francisco Seattle-Portland South Carolina St. Louis Youngstown

Pricing is provided for cut, frag, industrial and prime grades including: 

Angles and splice bars Automobile cast Busheling, unprepared Cast iron borings Cast iron borings, foundry Cast scrap Clean auto cast Cupola cast Drop broken machinery cast, 2 ft. and under Elec. furnace bundles Elec. furnace, 1 ft. and under Elec. furnace, 3 ft. and under Foundry steel, 2 ft. and under Heavy breakable cast Heavy turnings Low-alloy punchings Low-residual, black foundry busheling Low-residual, ductile-quality shredded clips Machine shop turnings Mixed borings and turnings Mixed cast Mixed yard cast No. 1 busheling No. 1 busheling (mill) No. 1 dealer bundles No. 1 foundry busheling No. 1 heavy melting No. 1 heavy melting to domestic consumers No. 1 machinery cast No. 1 RR heavy melting No. 2 bundles No. 2 heavy melting Other Track Material (OTM) Plate and structurals, 2 ft. and under Plate and structurals, 4 ft. and under Plate and structurals, 5 ft. and under Plate and structurals, low alloy, 2 ft. and under Punchings and plate Rails, 18 in. and under Rails, 2 ft. and under Rails, random length Reroller rails RR specialties Scrap rails, random length Shoveling turnings Shredded scrap Steel car wheels Stove plate Unstripped motor blocks

Stainless Steel:

18-8 bundles and solids 18-8 turnings 410 bundles and solids 430 bundles and solids


Brazilian-Basic Russian Ukrainian - Basic Brazilian-Foundry Hot Briquetted Iron - HBI